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Buying solar products from a large installation company can be expensive. But, not from us. We offer EVERYTHING at wholesale pricing and NO pushy salespeople. In fact, we save our customers an average of 20-50% on a complete solar package. Buy from a reputable company and save a fortune!

We specialize in complete solar packages that include panels, inverters, optimizers, racking and more. We can customize a solar array for your home or office without any extra costs.

Reducing your reliance on the grid is only one of the benefits of adding solar to your home. When you are producing your own power, you allow your utility costs to become fixed. So, when the cost of electricity goes up, your cost stays the same. 

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Why wholesale?

Solar can be very expensive. Most solar companies have several layers of commission paid employees. This may include a salesperson, sales manager and VP of sales. This means that there has to be thousands in mark-up in order to pay this kind of overhead. Not to mention massive company overhead and costs making it more expensive than it needs to be. 
This is how we separate ourselves from the norm. We don’t hire commission salespeople, we have minimal overhead and very low company costs. Thus we can offer our solar packages and even installation at 20-50% less than other solar companies. We offer fixed wholesale pricing, no hassles and no hidden costs! 

2020 ITC Tax Credit

The ITC, or Solar Tax Credit will stay at 26% for 2020, and will decline to 22% next year.  This does not include any state incentives or credits. Some states offer big credits for homeowners that go solar. If you expect to pay taxes for income in 2020, you may be able to reduce your tax liability with an approved solar system. Even if you get a solar package at wholesale, you still can qualify for the ITC tax credit. See your account for details. 

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