Arizona has over 300 sunny days per year, so adding solar to generate power is not a hard decision for some. However, it needs to fit in your budget.

Solar buying and financing

Solar is too expensive for most people, which is why less than 10% of houses have solar in Arizona. Although many solar companies offer “zero down” finance options, there are large hidden dealer fees that add to the price. These fees can bump up the price 15-25% in almost every case. Another hinderance is that some people have blemishes on their credit. This prevents them from qualifying for a low or no down finance program. Lastly, is a cash purchase which is an option for a very small portion of homeowners. Who has the cash to pay for a $20,000-40,000 solar array?

DIY Solar in Arizona

With the right DIY solar package, you cut out the commission of greedy salespeople, a sales manager, big company profits and even extra installation profit. In fact, when someone orders a DIY package from us, they save on average of 50% or more. Yes, the homeowner has to install themselves, or hire an electrician, but the net amount of savings is often $5,000 to even $20,000.

Same solar panels, wholesale pricing

Our goal is to get the same high quality panels on peoples houses for cheap. This is the reason why we only sell DIY solar in Arizona at wholesale pricing. We don’t have secret mark-ups or profits. We don’t have commission employee’s or big margins to cover our overhead. We keep our pricing really low so just about everyone can afford a high efficiency solar array.

Why solar is expensive

In Arizona, the average solar array costs $3.15 per watt, NOT including big finance fee’s. When a large solar installer quotes a homeowner, they make more money the bigger the system they sell. So, it is in their benefit to SELL, even if it means they have to add in a 24% dealer fee into the price. Yes, this may enable the homeowner to finance at a low interest rate, but it turns into a VERY expensive purchase. Even with a good tax credit, it almost becomes a wash, not a very good deal for most.

If you want a great, high quality solar package at a great price, we can help you. If you need pro installation for less, we can help you! Contact SkyPro Solar today and get a price on a DIY Solar Package in sunny Arizona.