The average Air Conditioner can consume 3000-4000 watts in a single hour. There is no doubt that AC units are the biggest energy hogs in most of our homes and are the cause of such large electric bills. Especially those of us that have multiple units that seem to be running constantly. Running our AC units can very easily be 40-70% of our energy bills during the summer months. With this in mind, why has there not been an AC system that can run almost entirely from the free energy generated by Solar panels? Moreover, how would this type of system save the homeowner money if the AC system needs so much energy?

The challenge is, the type of power that an Air Conditioner requires, in addition to the energy that is needed to cool thousands of square feet is not an easy solution. Most home AC units have an efficiency rating of 10-12, and newer units have a rating of 14-16. Although newer units are more efficient for the most part, they still require a huge amount of electricity to run.

SkyPro offers 2 unique solutions to expensive air conditioning costs. 

Option 1: AC Inverter and Solar Panels. $3800 $2500

This option provides a solution that includes a special inverter that does NOT require batteries, but can directly connect to your solar panels, then to your load. This is the most affordable way to allow your AC units to run completely on solar power during sunlight hours. This inverter will be connected to 4 solar panels and provide enough energy to power 2 small window AC units.

The installation on this system is fairly simple. You connect your 4 solar panels directly to the connectors on the inverter. The inverter will have a connection to your homes power in order for the AC units to run at night. Then you will install a “shut off” switch” and an outlet for each of your AC units. 

If you are not able to have a grid connection for this system, it will work off-grid as long as you have enough solar power to energize the AC units. 








Option 2: Solar Air Conditioning Mini-Split System $4995 $4400

Our solar air conditioning system has been able to blow away these seer or efficiency ratings numbers ranging from 22-70+. This is caused by the fact that we install ductless split units, which are engineered to use less energy. Then, when using Solar energy during the day, they rely on grid power very little. Sometimes, not at all when the sun is shining. So, compared to a central AC unit that requires 3000+ watts from the grid, our system uses 700-1100 watts, almost entirely from Solar. In comparison to a 90% self generation rating, our Solar AC System is almost free to run during the day. This results in a significant less reliance on grid power during the expensive “on peak” hours of the day.

We are offering turn-key Solar AC packages that include:
  • 12,000 BTU Air handler and Condenser
  • (4) 320 watt solar panels
  • Installation hardware and racking
  • Delivery or shipping to your home

A 18,000 BTU unit is also available. 

Our complete Solar AC System is intended to significantly reduce your energy costs by not demanding the heavy use of your central AC units. Cutting your electric bills by 30-60% is now reasonable since your “on peak” use will drop immediately upon installation. Additionally, your utility rate will drop from an average of 10.4 – 12-5 cents per kilowatt to 6 – 8.5 cents per kilowatt, once you start generating power from Solar.

Invest in your home and reduce your utility bills by cooling and heating your home for almost free! Contact SkyPro Solar today for more information.