How much do solar panels cost in Gilbert, Arizona?

Gilbert is a booming town located about 20 minutes southeast of Phoenix. It used to be a small farming community but now has grown to be one of the fastest growing communities in Arizona. There is an abundance of sunshine in the Phoenix area so Gilbert is a great place to add solar. The solar panel cost in Gilbert can vary on the amount energy used from SRP, the towns utility provider. Here is a table that shows estimated solar installation prices in Gilbert with the purchase of a wholesale solar kit. It is important to note that these numbers reflect that the homeowner subcontracts the solar installation to a contractor.

Solar Battery System in Gilbert, Az

Battery storage in addition to solar panels is gaining momentum. Homeowners are starting to see the benefits of adding a battery to their

solar array in order to retain energy they are producing. When solar panels Batteries can store excess and unused energy and save it for additional demand during the day, or evening electrical loads. Having a single large battery or bank of batteries can also provide power to critical loads when there is a power outage. Skypro Solar can provide wholesale battery prices for homeowners in Gilbert that want to retain their power.  Contact us today for an estimate on a solar and battery system for your home or business. 

Wholesale solar panel pricing estimates in Gilbert, Az. Based on $2.28 per watt.

System Size                 Wholesale                  w/ battery                  Price after Tax Credit

4000 watts                  $8800                          $15,800                       $11,692

6000 watts                  $13,200                       $20,200                       $14,948

8000 watts                  $17,600                       $24,600                       $18,204

10000 watts                $22,000                       $29,000                       $24,716

12000 watts                $26,400                       $33,400                       $24,716

Wholesale Savings Chart

The chart below shows comparison prices between national and state rates, compared to wholesale and self-install in Gilbert Arizona. Although most solar companies sell only on a retail level, there are a handful of companies that will provide a wholesale price quote. Skypro can arrange wholesale pricing if you prefer to have everything ordered and installed by a licensed contractor. If you are a DIY type of person and are comfortable with the installation, the “homeowner self-install” pricing below may be the best fit for you. Contact Skypro today for an estimate!


The Best Solar Company in Gilbert, Az

If you are wanting to purchase solar panels, inverters and supplies at wholesale, but hire out the installation, we can help. SkyPro Solar is well connected with a wide-range of the BEST solar panel installation companies in Gilbert Arizona. Since you are cutting out the middle-man and commission salespeople, we are confident you will save thousands on your solar array. Contact us today for an estimate!